About Us 

We are a group of people that have accepted Christ and are spreading his Gospel through this ministry and in our daily lives.


Founder Michael Peer VA, USA.

"I'm a devout Christian with a heart for serving firstly Jesus Christ, then secondly others. I am so glad that God has blessed us with this opportunity to provide Bibles across the nation, and soon hopefully across the world for everyone to own completely free."

Coordinator Matthew Bartolotta NY, USA. 

"I'm one person who loves helping others, and I know handing out Bibles for free is more helpful than a lot of things out there, I mean the gospel is way more important than money

Outreach Director Evan Shields LA, USA. 

Marketing Manager Caleb St. John AR, USA.

"I'm a pretty boring person, but I love the Lord, and I am very passionate about this ministry!"

Operations Director Brandon Pugh KY, USA.

"I am very passionate about defending the faith and supporting Jesus every day of my life, I’m very glad to be able to share and spread the gospel through this ministry in hopes of more people in Heaven!"